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Points for Prayer
  • Praise the Lord for the thousands of Romanian children and their families in one hundred and thirty-four countries and territories who have watched our videos of Bible stories, testimonies, and songs. Pray that a great harvest of souls would come into the Kingdom of God.
  • Pray for the Romanian young people who grew up in our orphanage, some of whom we still support financially: Roxana, Camelia, Diana and Ionuţ Hodorogea; Ionuţ and Mălina Lupu; Bianca Popescu.
  • Pray for Daniel and Iuliana Stanger and their work of evangelism and outreach to Jews, Moslems, Christian tourists, and guest workers in Nazareth and other areas of Israel. Pray for victory regarding the meeting place for their Messianic congregation.
  • Pray for Laurie Thrush, our representative in the United States, and for her husband Denny who has been struggling with health issues for a long time.
  • Pray for our books, CDs and DVDs as they are distributed all over Romania.