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Israel - Sea of Galilee
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Did you know that there are about half a million Romanian-speaking people in Israel?
Many of them live close to the Sea of Galilee.
Catinca, Nadia and Ionut
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New CDs and DVDs

Our book about the Sion Choir in Romania When Songs are Forbidden has been recorded by Genovieva on a set of six CDs in English. The book has also been filmed on a set of ten DVDs in both English and Romanian, with Genovieva telling the story chapter by chapter.

A new series of true stories, Miracles for Orphans, about how the Lord provided for hundreds of children a day in Romania over a ten-year period has been filmed on a set of six DVDs in English and five in Romanian. It includes incredible answers to prayer for food, clothes, diapers, and a blue bus for the orphans, told by Genovieva. Also included are stories about spiritual warfare, how Jesus visited the children at Casa Emanuel in Iaşi, and many other stories.

Eastern Europe Aid Association provides spiritual and material help to Romanians living in Eastern Europe and Israel, with special emphasis on children’s work.
New Books Available Now

Genovieva recording the When Songs are Forbidden audiobook in our studio in Romania